Across the nation, we efficiently deliver to hotels, hospitals, RV parks and restaurants. We work with you to provide technological solutions that suit the needs of your business, your customers, and your guests.


Elevating the Hotel Experience

Deliver a full-suite of entertainment options to every guest. Using advanced entertainment platforms, reliable technology solutions, and support from our experienced team, your hotel is equipped with cost-effective, consistent entertainment experiences room to room.

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Delivering Comfort to Residents and Patients

Your patients and residents deserve top-notch amenities. We offer cost-effective, hassle-free solutions, delivering easy-to-use, quality entertainment to every room, so your patients and residents can feel more at home during their stay.

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Connect From Anywhere

Guests can disconnect from reality, without losing internet connection. Provide your guests with optimal WiFi and TV access throughout your RV park and campground, so they can enjoy the outdoors while keeping up with the latest in news and entertainment.

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The More the Merrier

Keep residents and students connected throughout the building. Whether it’s DIRECTV entertainment or WiFi options, optimize the amenities for each unit or room – no matter how many – so residents can stay connected without losing speed or efficiency.

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A Better Customer Experience

Offer your customers an elevated experience in your restaurant or business with reliable phone, internet and entertainment options. From displaying the game for patrons, to connecting with customers over the phone, we’ll deliver clear, reliable service so your business can run smoothly and your customers are satisfied.

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No Place Like Home

First things first, internet and TV. When moving into a new residence, WiFi and entertainment are a top priority. We’ll make sure you get these checked off the list and your home hooked up to what matters.

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