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We deliver the best in entertainment solutions nationwide!

Best in Entertainment

Enhance the resident experience at your assisted living facility. Offer your residents access to their favorite shows, sports, news and more! Keep your community engaged, connected, and informed with what’s important to them. With a variety of entertainment solutions, we tailor the best system to your property specifications. Customize your programming to align with your residents’ preferences!

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Stay Connected & Informed

Keep your residents informed about facility events and news! With local channel insertion and property information application options, broadcast important facility information to your community.

Community Engagement

Group activities keep residents stimulated and engaged! Allow residents a communal place to bond, and great entertainment to connect over! Movie night or info sessions are a great way to keep your community engaged.


As the aging population continues to rise, assisted living facilities will need to be prepared to meet resident expectations. Our system solutions will future proof your facilities for years to come!  

System Solutions

Provide the best in entertainment with our system solutions!

Advanced Entertainment Platform (AEP)

The AEP combines DIRECTV linear satellite and broadband over-the-top content for an enhanced entertainment experience for your residents. This receiver-less system allows residents to watch what they want, when they want!

  • Live news, hit shows, sports and more!
  • On-demand content from dozens of networks
  • SaltBox streaming application for content catered to senior demographic
  • Property Information Application for facility information and events
  • Greet residents with a customized Welcome Screen

The Advanced Entertainment Platform offers a variety of features for everyone to enjoy!


HD Receiver-less COM System (COM3K)

The COM3K is DIRECTV’s third-generation HD and 4K receiver-less headend video solution. Packing the most channels into the smallest footprint in the industry, DIRECTV’s COM3K supports up to 138 HD channels.

  • Customize your channel line-up
  • Utilize local channel insertion for property information and wellness channels
  • Remote system management

Available for any size property over most wiring schemes, delivering incredible video quality, the COM3K is the ultimate entertainment system solution.


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